Those first days home with your newborn can be a blur. That's why I love capturing these earliest days of your new baby's life--to give you beautiful images you can cherish and look back on fondly with each passing year. My hope for my clients is they will look at the images from their maternity and newborn sessions and remember your sweet babe swimming and rolling in your growing belly; recall the soft smell of your newborn's tufts of hair and the deliciousness of their squishy, kissable cheeks; think back to those precious squeaks and yawn.

Newborns & Maternity


Itty Bitty Newborn Session $275

-1.5-2 hours

-1 backdrop color, multiple poses

-1 Prop set (basket, etc.)

-Baby only (no family or sibling poses)

-15+ edited high resolution digital images

Precious Newborn Session $350

-2-3 hours

-2-3 color backdrops, multiple poses

-2 prop sets (basket, etc.)

-Family and sibling photos included

-30+ edited high resolution digital images

Bundle of Joy Package $520

-Maternity OR First Birthday Session (30-60 mintes, 25+ edited high resolution digital images)

-Precious Newborn Session

-$50 print credit when you order through your SmugMug gallery

Heartbeat Package $800

-Maternity session

-Precious Newborn Session

-First Birthday Session

-$100 print credit when you order through your SmugMug gallery

Newborn Session FAQ

Q: How should I prepare my baby for my session?

We begin newborn sessions around 10 or 11 am because this is a great time for newborns. While some wide eyed shots are precious and I LOVE them, to get a good robust gallery of poses we need a sleepy, happy baby. Be sure baby has just been fed or is ready to eat right before we begin. 

Q: How old should my baby be at her session and when should I book? 

I recommend booking during your second trimester if you are pregnant. It is optimal to hold your newborn session within the first 3 weeks of life. The exception to this maybe preemies who have an adjusted gestational age. 

Q: My baby is already here and older than 3 weeks, can I still book? 

Absolutely! We can shoot at any age and create beautiful pictures! Just be mindful that older babies are less like to sleep and be posed. 

Q: What happens if my baby doesn't sleep? 

Occasionally babies are just not into sleeping soundly despite our best efforts and that is OK! As long as baby is happy, we can work with that! I have a variety of family, wrapped and semi-wrapped poses that will make a beautiful gallery. Babies are the boss around here! If for some reason baby is crying inconsolably and we are unable to shoot anything within the first hour, we can reschedule. 

Q: Can I bring my own outfits and accessories? 

Yep! I allow 1-2 outfits from home. I only limit them because babies do not often tolerate more changes than that. And while we do have 2-3 hours for a full newborn session, each pose can can take up to 10-15 minutes to accomplish and shoot and we must allow time for feeding, diaper changes, and soothing. 

Q: I have lots of ideas I saw online; can you include these? 

I love to see your "pinspiration" pictures! However, we should think of these as inspiration for an overall feel to your session rather than something to copy. Each photographer is an artist with their own workflow and style. I encourage potential clients to view my posted work for an idea of my own style and decide if our visions match before booking. 

Q: I saw this newborn pose online; can you guarantee that for my session?

I have a workflow of poses and prop set ups that I work through at each session, however every baby is different and while some babies may be agreeable to every pose in my workflow, others may not. I will never pose baby in a way that I don't feel 100% comfortable and safe doing. PERIOD. I will also not pose a baby that is crying and needs to be comforted. What I will guarantee is a beautiful, unique gallery.